Rose Jam Bubbleroon-Review

Rose Jam Bubbleroon Review by Olivia

Hey, this is Olivia. As you might know, I love Lush. Their products are all so wonderful and work so well. I love stocking up on Lush products, especially around the holidays. One of my favorites is the rose-scented bubble bar, also known as the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. I’d give it five stars, so here goes my description.

It’s shaped like a macaron, which makes the concept even more enchanting. The aroma is of the freshest, sweetest roses. You may detect a hint of lemon as well. It is relaxing and refreshing. I like chopping (or crumbling) the bar into fourths, which conjure up quite a lot of bubbles. The bathwater turns a vibrant and pretty pink. It seems a little thicker and the bubbles are luxurious and fragrant. The ‘frosting’ in the middle of the two thick slices of rosy dough is shea butter, making it even more moisturizing. The scent is strong without being too overpowering. The bubbles last quite a while. They are frothy and absolutely pink. I am a huge fan of these soothing rosebud scents and this one is perfect for me. Also, the glitter is a beautiful touch. It won’t get all over you and your clothes and is easy to wash off. It’s an absolutely lovely treat after a long hard week.

Thanks for reading!

Link to purchase Rose Jam Bubbleroon online:

(I would recommend purchasing it in a store.)


Olivia ❤


Above is a picture of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon resting on a little painted canvas Alice made.


A close up to the sparkly wonder of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon.


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