What to to When You Are Bored!

By Alice (who else)

So, as a young person I get bored a lot. My parents always say stuff like “treasure those times when you have nothing to do” or “I wish I was bored more often”. But, let’s face it, it sucks to be bored. So, I have come up with some ideas of stuff to do when bored.

What to do when you are Bored!

  1. Start a blog. It’s easy and fun for people who enjoy writing!
  2. Start a bucket list. (Why not?)
  3. Make a list of all the crazy expensive stuff you can’t afford but really want.
  4. Text yourself.
  5. Write a short story about a fantasy of yours.
  6. Start a chainmail.
  7. Take a bath. (Bath bombs!!!)
  8. Start some kind of baking project.
  9. Interview a tree and have a friend take a video of you doing it.
  10. Eat food.
  11. Start a journal/diary.
  12. Try to make homemade bath bombs.
  13. Go to target or somewhere and see how much stuff you can buy with twenty dollars.
  14. Read this list.
  15. Find some random person on social media and compliment them.
  16. Learn how to skate board.
  17. Write a poem about how bored you are.
  18. Explain to someone the concept of why board meetings and called board meetings- because they are boring.
  19. Write a short writing piece on why the heck you are bored.
  20. See how many times you can listen to the same song over and over again.
  21. Use Picmonkey ( https://www.picmonkey.com/ ) to make an edit of your favorite band or singer.
  22. Write a poem about cheeseburgers.
  23. If it’s sunny, go outside with very warm clothing. Buy a cheap umbrella and then tell someone they look cold and wet and give the umbrella to them.
  24. Send an email or text to every contact on your phone saying “I’m Santa.”
  25. Write a list of what to do when you’re bored. (that’s why I’m doing this)
  26. Go on a date at a fancy restaurant with a teddy bear and order it some fries.
  27. Try to memorize Eminem’s song “Rap God.”
  28. Lip sync to your favorite song- have fun, get dressed up and be crazy!
  29. Go to target and buy a ton of fuzzy socks. (They’re soft?)
  30. Blast music as loud as possible and dance. (Preferably t-swift)
  31. Print out a ton of cute kitten photos and tape them to your walls.
  32. Write down a ton of corny jokes.
  33. Talk in an accent. (Or try to.)
  34. Hide in a bush and throw pennies at people.
  35. Okie, I’m done.

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